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Words of Wisdom to Meditate On:


According to Isaiah 58:6-12, there are tremendous benefits to fasting properly and with a godly attitude.  Consider the following rewards:

Reward #1- To loose the bands of wickedness: what's been holding you back has got to let you go.

Reward #2 - To undo heavy burdens: weights and burdens God did not give you will violently come off.

Reward #3 - To let the oppressed go free: the discouraged and bruised will be set free.

Reward #4- Breaks every yoke: bad habits and bondages will be broken.

Reward #5- Your light will break forth: revelation and direction from God will be made clear.

Reward #6- Your health will spring forth: diseases and ailments will reverse and good health will come forth.

Reward #7- Your righteousness will go before you and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard: no attacks from the front or unexpectedly from behind.

Reward #8- You will call and the Lord will answer: quick answers to prayer.

Reward #9- Your light will rise in obscurity, and the darkness be as the noonday: darkness you are walking through will pass and good success will shine forth.

Reward #10- The Lord will guide you continually: divine direction.

Reward #11- The Lord will satisfy your soul in drought and make fat your bones: a divine supply and continual health.

Reward #12- Your children will build up the broken down places.  You will be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in: relationships will be healed and restored and overflowing abundance will come your way.

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