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Bishop R.  Lantigua Jr., Pastor

Bishop  Rafael Lantigua was an Associate Minister and Sunday School Teacher at the Greater BibleWay Temple, Brooklyn NY under the leadership of Apostle Huie L. Rogers.

He was called by the Lord to begin a work and on January 4, 1998 started a weekly Bible Study for  the Canarsie community.  It was blessed by the hand of God and grew to Sunday School sessions for children and adults.  Shortly

thereafter we began as R.L. Ministries (Pastor's initials) and became known as The Real Life Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ , Inc.

The focus of this ministry is to bring people to their predestined destiny through the uncompromising preaching and teaching of God's Holy Word.

The Real Life Church strives to reach souls through  youth rallies and street ministry of various kinds. The Real Life Church is an integral part of the New York Metropolitan Districts of Churches and the United New York Vision Diocese of the BibleWay Churches World Wide.

In a short period of time , Minister Rafael Lantigua was ordained to Eldership and then to the office of Overseer.

On July 5, 2018 Pastor Rafael Lantigua Jr. was elevated to the office of Bishop.

Real Life Church Mission Statement:


This is a ministry commissioned to reach a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the teaching of God's Holy Word, bring them to the fulfillment of the predestined vision for their lives.

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